Information Office

SAT runs an information hub and manages a demonstration garden throughout the year in Tushikamane Centre, Kilakala, Morogoro. The Information Office provides knowledge about sustainable and organic farming technologies and is complemeted with a 1/2 acre demonstration garden.

The office is equipped with computers (for using Infonet-Biovision and other online sources), literature and Mkulima Mbunifu magazines. Furthermore qualified staff is available for advise on horticulture and livestock issues.


The SAT demonstration garden offers insights in a 100% organic managed vegetable production which includes as well plants for producing botanical pesticides/fungicides and  fertilizer production. In total more than 40 plants are in average permanently demonstrated.

Furthermore several technologies are demonstrated like different composting technologies, liquid fertlizers, urban farming, double dug beds, nine seed per holes, push pull technology, and many more…


For detailed information on sustainable and organic agriculture a tour in the demonstration garden can be booked via phone or email or directly at the information office.

SAT offers these services for farmers, extension officers, NGOs, youth groups and school classes.

A garden tour inclusive discussion requires from a half to a full day. Apart from an introduction tour  a topic can be organised that will be specifically addressed and if wished complemented with practical and theoretical exercises.