SAT Organic Shop Re-Opening

The Organic Shop by Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is today officially re-opened after a complete reconstruction and makeover of the interior and exterior of the store.
The shop situated at the bottom of Kilakala Road is now equipped with a top-of-the-line cooling room for storing vegetables; a preparation kitchen for washing and packing the different products; an expansion of the store floor area; outside showcases presenting the the green, fresh vegetables under a newly designed canopy allowing shade as well as indirect light from the sun; as well as rows of wooden shelves displaying other organic products like powders, oils, teas, beans, and dried fruits etc. Customers can now pick a braided basket in different sizes while browsing around the shop before heading to the cash register. The aesthetic design has likewise been redone, with fresh painted colors and the motto written: We love organic.

The principle of the store is based on an exclusively organic line of products. These products are cultivated and harvested by small-scale farmers around Morogoro; often in the Uluguru Mountains, who have been trained in agroecological farming by SAT.
To date, 12 groups of 300 small-scale farmers have got the certification and are licensed under the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), whereby the farmers follow the East African Organic Product Standards (EAOPS).

Besides supplying healthy, non-chemical products to their customers, they have themselves experienced an increase in health and an elimination of safety risks stemming from the use/misuse of agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. This is what SAT is working towards when training farmers, and this is why there is a social as well as environmental impetus behind the SAT Organic Shop.

This Organic Shop is funded by Biovision Foundation and Liechtensteiner Entwicklungsdienst and is part of the FPC Project

Karibu sana at SAT Organic Shop!