FairCarbon4Us – Our Projects

Our Projects

  1. Food Forests: We support our farmers to plant and manage fruit trees like mangos, pineapples, papayas, and others. These fruits can be eaten by the farmers, improving their nutrition, or sold at the market for additional income. Furthermore are these trees integrated with other species which can be used for feeding livestock, medicinal use or fire wood.
  2. Spicy Carbon: Spices achieve high prices on both local and international markets and can therefore be a valuable source of income. We train farmers in producing spices in combination with agroforestry practices to increase yields. Farmers will produce pepper, turmeric, cardamom, and others.

  3. Agroforestry and biochar: At the moment, slashing and burning trees is farmers’ main source of getting burning material for cooking. However, there are methods to produce biochar from branches of Gliricidia sepium trees without cutting the tree. The char can be turned into briquettes for fire, or distributed on fields to increase soil fertility. Moreover the Glricidia sepium tree is a nitrogen fixer, and will boost the agricultural productivity in a sustainable way.