Organic Now Initiative

(Organic Value Chain Project)

Development Goals

A thriving organic sector enables a majority of Tanzanian farmers to contribute and benefit in terms of income and food security; increased local value addition creating jobs and providing a wide range of high-quality organic products; informed customers who make healthier choices; climate resilience and reduced pressure on the environment.

Mentoring SMEs and Capacity Building

Diversification of Organic Products

Marketing of Organic Products via organic shops

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to strengthen three existing “centres of excellence” and allow them to assume an incubator role by mentoring at least 15 further SMEs to kick start the Tanzanian organic market, which is still in its infancy.

An initiative to grow the tanzanian organic market

The Organic Now Initiative

The initiative supports the diversification of processed organic products (EAOPS) by supporting and empowering entrepreneurs/SMEs to learn from proven practices of production and marketing and to improve and certify their organic products. This will assist to reach a critical mass and a situation whereby products are sufficiently available to be presented in an attractive way and hence better marketable.

This increased awareness will be further amplified through organic shops, which, as the experience in Europe has shown, are the best educational platforms for consumers. Another important factor for increased awareness is a critical variety of organic products which will also be sold beyond the organic shops in local supermarket chains and other outlets.

By filling a dedicated shelf of certified organic products, visibility and awareness for organic consumption can be fostered and market demand increased.Increased demand will lead to an uptake of organic farming practices and hence, impact farmers, workers, and consumers across selected value chains.

This is a pioneer project, building upon the well-prepared foundation of SAT, Kazi Yetu and I AM ORGANIC, which will take on an incubator role by mentoring other SMEs and at the same time also improve their own offering.


The project will create incentives for many farmers, SMEs, and retailers to join and scale organic farming through business minded investments in this sector. 

Transforming the food system and creating a supply of healthy food, produced by healthy people in a healthy environment.


 The Organic Market in Dar es salaam, Tanzania 

About the company


This Initiative is under the Organic Value Chain Project (OVCP) which is kindly supported by the Biovision Foundation