In Memorial

We cherish and honor the contributions and memories of those who have dedicated their time and passion to our organization. This page is a tribute to some of our friends and colleagues who have worked closely with us and sadly passed away. We remember them with gratitude and celebrate their invaluable impact on our journey toward sustainable agriculture and community development. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families as they go through this difficult time.

Jackson Elisha Pallangyo

Junior Farm Manager at SAT since 2015

19th November 2020

Jackson Elisha Pallangyo, affectionately known as Jackson, was a dedicated member of our team who poured his heart and soul into his work as the Junior Farm Manager at Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT). Jackson’s passion for agriculture was evident in every project he undertook.

Colleagues remember Jackson as a compassionate and driven individual. He had an innate ability to connect with people and inspire them with his knowledge and enthusiasm. There is not a stone untouched by his hands at Vianzi, and many flowers will flourish due to his passion. He fostered a sense of camaraderie among the SAT team, and his willingness to lend a helping hand and share his expertise made him an invaluable asset to our organization. His memory will be cherished forever.

Amani Aidan Sewejo

Mechanic and Driver at SAT since 2016

19th November 2020

Amani Aidan Sewejo, known to all as Amani, was a remarkable individual who has played an integral role as the Mechanic and Driver at Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) since 2016. Amani’s highly spirited personality and unwavering dedication were instrumental in helping us achieve our vision.

Amani was more than just a mechanic and driver. His expertise and attention to detail ensured that our vehicles and machinery were always in top condition. His mechanical skills were unmatched, and his ability to troubleshoot and repair any issue was truly remarkable. Whether it was maintaining or assisting with on-site repairs, Amani’s reliability and expertise were invaluable to our operations. His memory will be cherished forever.

Hugo Kunguru

Senior Facilitator and SAT Board member

4th August 2021

Mzee Hugo, was a cherished staff member and SAT Board member and a senior facilitator. Since joining us in 2010, he dedicated himself to the principles of organic farming and engaging with local communities in Tanzania and beyond. Mzee Hugo’s passion and commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development made him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Mzee Hugo’s wisdom and experience were matched only by his kindness and compassion. As a senior facilitator, he shared his wealth of knowledge with colleagues and farmers alike. Mzee Hugo’s ability to connect with people on a personal level, regardless of their background, made him a beloved figure within the SAT community. His memory will be cherished forever.

Prof. Amon Mattee

SAT Board Member with over 30 years of experience in agricultural extension and education

25th January 2022

Prof. Amon Mattee, a beloved member of the SAT Board. With over 30 years of experience in agricultural extension and education, he brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania. Prof. Mattee’s deep understanding of the Uluguru mountains, where SAT big project operates, was always a great asset to our organization.

His commitment to agricultural extension and education made him an invaluable resource for SAT and our farming communities. Prof. Mattee’s ability to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical implementation was exceptional. As a Board member, he played a crucial role in shaping SAT’s strategic direction and ensuring that our programs aligned with the needs and aspirations of the local communities. His memory will be cherished forever.