Sustainable Waste Management and Composting

Is waste equal waste? Not at all. In this course you will discover how waste can function as a valuable resource for various other products, either for your own use or to market them. SAT will show you how to get the most out of organic as well as inorganic waste.

Skills you will acquire

There are various ways of transforming waste into a resource. In this course we will train you on…

  • Sustainable urban solid and liquid waste management (Compost making and waste water management), urban and peri-urban agriculture and environmental management practices
  • Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technologies in organic agriculture, waste management and health
  • Organic compost (Bio-fertilizer) making techniques using market garbage
  • Charcoal making using waste (Briquettes, char)
  • Organic agriculture and livestock management practices
  • Appropriate value addition technologies
  • Appropriate technologies for rural development
  • Multi-storey/portable garden making

Course objectives

  • Participants develop income opportunities through the transformation of waste, e.g. production of briquettes.
  • Participants reduce costs of agricultural inputs as they can produce their own fertilizers.
  • Participants improve their diets through sustainable use of waste resources to make portable gardens.

Course 2022

  • 7th August – 11th August 2023 Course — OAWM 005
(Please note that our training schedule is subject to change due to variable
course attendance. To confirm the course dates contact us as indicated below.)
Training Fee:TZS 400,000/= per participant, the fee is inclusive of training, materials, accommodation, meals at the centre and and transport to and from the training centre (from Morogoro city).
Facilitators:SAT Facilitators
Venue:SAT Training Centre in Vianzi (approx. 20km from Morogoro city)
Apply to:Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), P.O.Box 6369, Morogoro,
+255 (0) 754 925560, +255 (0) 655 925560
Application Forms:Use the link(s) below to download the application form(s)