Organic Agriculture Basic

With more than seven years of experience in the field of organic agriculture we have a lot to share. Using an integrated approach that combines crop production with livestock-keeping and forestry we can help you manage your plot most efficiently.

Skills you will acquire

During this introduction course of organic farming we will train you on how to….

  • make a simple soil test (finger and bottle methods)
  • prepare a garden (nursery layout and care, field layout, approprate spacing and transplanting)
  • improve soil fertility (compost, top dressing, green manure)
  • do pest, disease and weed management
  • use agricultural innovations (nine seeds per hole, portable gardens,…) on your farm
  • do greenhouse/screenhouse farming
  • create beneficial agroforestry systems
  • establish tree nurseries and graft & bud fruit trees
  • market your agricultural products properly

Course Objectives

  • Participants manage their farming plots most efficiently
  • Participants increase their yields by applying techniques of “Sustainable Intensification”.
  • Participants manage and increase soil fertility of their fields.
  • Participants control pests by the help of botanical extracts.

Courses 2021

  • 28th June to 02nd July 2021 — Course ID: OA 033
  • 04th to 08th October 2021 — Course ID: OA 034
  • 22nd to 26th November 2021 — Course ID: OA 035
(Please note that our training schedule is subject to change due to variable
course attendance. To confirm the course dates contact us as indicated below.)
Training Fee:TZS 250,000/= per participant, the fee is inclusive of training, materials, accommodation, meals at the centre and and transport to and from the training centre (from Morogoro city).
Facilitators:SAT Facilitators
Venue:SAT Training Centre in Vianzi (approx. 20km from Morogoro city)
Apply to:Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), P.O.Box 6369, Morogoro,
+255 (0) 754 925560, +255 (0) 655 925560
Application Forms:Use the link(s) below to download the application form(s)