Organic Agriculture Advanced

Ecological organic agriculture is about diversity of resources from nature to be applied into the agricultural fields for food and animal production. It is development of adequate technology for all the farmers primarily by creating an ecosystem similar to forest system which is complete with the 3 Ms (minerals, organic matter and microbiology.) A 10–days course (covering improved techniques of production and use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides using locally available, low cost materials) will  teach participants the how and why regenerate biological and mineral fertility of agricultural soils and how this enables the viable production of healthy food that is affordable to consumers and profitable for farmers. 

Skills you will acquire

During this advanced course of organic farming we will teach the following …

  • Introdcution to Agroecology
  • Crop nutrition as a tool to prevent pests and diseases
  • Regeneration of our soils – The concept of the 3 Ms
  • Using rock dusk for re-mineralization
  • How to make adapted bio-fertilizers
  • Hot and cold mineral broths
  • Plant protection and stimulating plant health
  • Seed protection
  • The role and use of micro-organisms in soil and plants
  • Different types of composts – enhanced composting process
SAT Facilitator Passionately Providing Tuition on Compost Making
SAT shows and ignites passion: A SAT facilitator passionately provides tuition on compost making.

Techniques you will acquire

At the end of the training participants will be able to to produce and use many of the following techniques…

  • Supermagro: Cow dung fermented liquid fertilizer’s enriched with bio available minerals
  • Bokashi: Fermented semi decomposed organic amendment
  • Natives microbes reproduction: Solid reproduction of local diverse microbes
  • Natives microbes activation: Fermented liquid biofertilizer as foliar-soil spray enriched with minerals
  • Biochar/activated biochar: Homemade charcoal
  • Biofertilizer rich in proteins: fermented liquid as foliar spray rich in organic compounds from blood
  • Apichi: general insect repellent
  • Hydrolate: bio fertilizers of potassium enriched with humid acids
  • Phosphites: converting phosphate into phosphite from animal bones for several uses
  • Soil assessment: Visual assessment, rice traps, hydrogen peroxide
  • Mineral brews:
    • Ash emulsion: homemade mineral brew to control aphids, maize heartworm, white fly
    • Lime sulphur brew: homemade pesticide
    • Sodium bicarbonate: homemade brew to control mildew, odium among others

Course objectives

  • Participants use enhanced techniques that easily double and triple crop production
  • Participants know how to create regenerating soils and reduce carbon foot prints
  • Participants achieve all this at low cost using local materials

Course 2022

  • 27th November – 8th December 2023 — AOA 002
(Please note that our training schedule is subject to change due to variable
course attendance. To confirm the course dates contact us as indicated below.)
Training Fee:TZS 450,000/= per participant, the fee is inclusive of training, materials, accommodation, meals at the center, and transport to and from the training center (from Morogoro city).
Facilitators:SAT Facilitators
Venue:SAT Training Centre in Vianzi (approx. 20km from Morogoro city)
Apply to:Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), P.O.Box 6369, Morogoro,
+255 (0) 754 925560, +255 (0) 655 925560
Application Forms:Use the link(s) below to download the application form(s)