Natural Medicine

Do you know the power of herbs? Tanzania is rich in plants that can be used as natural medicine and Dr. Feleshi from ANAMED Tanzania will show you how to use them. The course gives you a basic introduction into cultivation, preparation and usage of medicinal plants. A course may prepare you to start your own cosmetic business.

Skills you will acquire

We will train you on…

  • The recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several medicinal plants in a medicinal garden
  • Production of effective natural medicines from these plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils and ointments and tinctures
  • Production of different soaps, medicinal charcoal, black stones for snake-bites
  • Treatments of various complaints and diseases, including malaria, skin problems, diarrhoea, and wounds
  • The influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health

Course objectives

  • Participants create their own garden of medicinal plants.
  • Participants prepare their own natural medicines.
  • Participants treat themselves, their families and others within their area of competence.
  • Participants teach their newly acquired knowledge their families, colleagues and others in their communities.

Course 2022

  • 30th October – 3rd November 2023 — Course ID: NM 006
(Please note that our training schedule is subject to change due to variable
course attendance. To confirm the course dates contact us as indicated below.)
Training Fee:TZS 400,000/= per participant, the fee is inclusive of training, materials, accommodation, meals at the center, and transport to and from the training center (from Morogoro city).
Facilitators:Dr. Feleshi
Venue:SAT Training Centre in Vianzi (approx. 20km from Morogoro city)
Apply to:Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), P.O.Box 6369, Morogoro,
+255 (0) 754 925560, +255 (0) 655 925560
Application Forms:Use the link(s) below to download the application form(s)