Farmer Training Centre

SAT’s Farmer Training Centre (FTC) is located in Vianzi, a village situated 20km from Morogoro town. Here tailor-made trainings are offered for farmers and professionals from NGOs, CBOs and the public sector. The main focus is facilitation on sustainable and organic solutions for agriculture in the field of horticulture, rain-fed grain production, livestock-keeping and more…

Course schedule for 2021

28th June – 2nd July 2021
4th October – 8th October 2021
22rd November – 26th Novemeber 2021
Organic Agriculture Basic
25th October – 29th October 2021Organic Agriculture Intermediate
29th November – 9th December 2021Organic Agriculture Advanced
19th July – 23rd July 2021
2nd August – 6th August 2021
Animal Production Basics
20th September – 24th September 2021Conservation Agriculture
8th November – 12th November 2021Food Processing and Value Addition
1st November – 5th November 2021Natural Medicine
27th September – 1st October 2021Organic Spice Production
23th August – 3rd September 2021Permaculture Design
9th August – 13th August 2021Sustainable Waste Management and Composting
12th July – 16th July 2021
11th October – 15th October 2021
Training of Trainers
16th August – 20th August 2021Attract Youth to Agriculture Camp
6th September – 10th September 2021Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development
6th December – 10th December 2021Post Harvest Handling and Management of Agricultural Produce
You can download the training schedule. or Contact us in case you want to have a tailor-made solution.


On our farm, we practice an integrated approach which combines the cultivation of crops, livestock keeping and forestry. This way of farming has several advantages which are demonstrated in detail.

The two guest houses at the FTC compound have a capacity to accommodate in total  42 people. The courses offered at the FTC are all full board.

You can download the training schedule for 2021 or For information and bookings please see the respective courses or contact us via phone or email.