At the Helm of Changing the Face of Agriculture

The Cover Story about SAT Director Janet Maro

“Janet Maro is changing the lives of the farmers from poor to sustainable through dedicated training.”

On Saturday, the 12 November 2016 a two-page story about the SAT Director Janet Maro was published in The Citizen, a daily newspaper in Tanzania. To the Story


the-citizen_1Recently, the Swiss journalist Hansjürg Jäger, an intern of the paper, visited SAT for two days, gaining an insight into the world of training for small-scale farmers in organic agriculture. During visits to farmer groups currently being trained by SAT, Mr. Jäger learned about SAT training methods and the motivation of the farmers to adopt organic practices. Farmers proudly presented their demonstration gardens, which were established with SAT facilitators.

the-citizen_2The SAT Farmer Training Centre in Vianzi hosted the journalist overnight, serving cool drinks and organic produce at the dining hall from the demonstration gardens. He observed a training lesson toured the farm facilities with SAT Director Janet Maro. She explained innovative methods for sustainable soil and water management that are applied at the farm, where Mr. Jäger got further insights into SAT’s work. Finally, Janet Maro gave information on the motivation and objectives of SAT, which has devoted itself entirely to the dissemination of sustainable and organic farming methods.

The article demonstrates the growing interest by the public for SAT’s work, which seems to bear delicious fruits.