Database and App Development and Implementation

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is seeking to hire an external developer to develop and implement a web application for smartphones with a database to collect/manage/analyse information from all the activities, which are carried out in the field (crop yield, training, GIS, inputs, complaints…). The requirements have already been defined, but still, need to be expanded and refined. Staff from SAT will support this process.

The developer is free to propose the methodologies, the programming software, and the web framework. The project budget contains the costs for the developer, technical tools, requirements engineering on site and the implementation of the web application and the database.

These Terms of Reference (ToR) serve as a request for proposals from individual developers/firms interested in conducting the project. The project is funded by Austrian Development Agency and Land Vorarlberg through the Uluguru Spice Project II.

Scope of the assignment

The project “Database and App Development and Implementation” includes the following scope:

  1. Finalizing the concept of implementation
  2. Prototype of Application
  3. Application manual and process description
  4. Installation of application and database as MVP (minimal viable product)
  5. Solving bugs and expanding version 1.0 because of given feedback from SAT
  6. Installation of application and database with a version 2.0
  7. Ensuring the import of existing, providing data
  8. The following categories must be implemented (further details in the excel “Data Base Requirements):
    1. Basis (farmer registration – Picture, Name, Farmer Number, GIS, plot size, crops cultivated, Group, Village)
  9. If time and budget allow, further categories can be implemented in the subsequent prioritization:
    • Production
    • Farmer Visits
    • Prepared queries/analysis (at the push of a button)
    • Projects
    • Certification (requirements for organic certification -> training attended, inputs used, crops yielded, certified/in transition/currently suspended)

Developer(s) qualifications/competencies

  • A graduate degree in computer science or related field.
  • Excellent and proven track record in full-stack development with experience in web applications.
  • Proficiency in multiple front-end and back-end programming languages
  • Ability to quickly familiarise oneself with new and complex tasks
  • Independent and responsible
  • The ability to produce well-written process descriptions and application manuals in English is essential.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Willingness to come to Morogoro, Tanzania to do an on-site requirements analysis in cooperation with SAT staff
  • Knowledge of the SAT organization is a big plus.

Application procedure

Interested applicants should submit; (1) a cover letter of expression of interest, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) a technical proposal explaining their comprehension of the ToR, and how they would approach the project, summarising the methodologies, software framework, and approaches they plan to use including a timeline (4) financial proposal outlining their expected fees for completing the development and implementation (5) references to similar implementations that could be contacted.

Please find the Terms of Reference for more information on the scope of work and applications procedures