Fair Carbon 4 Us

FairCarbon4Us a movement that addresses a global challenge and helps small-scale farmers around Morogoro and the Uluguru Mountains.

Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of global climate change. As pioneers of sustainability in East Africa, we, Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania take on the task of mitigating these effects in our region of Morogoro – with particular regards to protecting the Uluguru Mountains, through FairCarbon4Us.

As we experience rising temperatures globally, this effect is seen in our environment with a particular detriment to the agricultural sector. Crop seasonality is affected and becomes less stable to predict, in addition to crops lacking general resilience to these changes. In the end, hardworking farmers and their communities are deeply affected by loss of productivity – and as a result, income.  In the end, we are all affected and have much to lose if we do not act now.

Mitigating the drastic effects of climate change requires us to unite our efforts, through the FairCarbon4Us movement – together we can more precisely target our efforts to address this global challenge. With your contribution, farmers will plant trees, thus mitigating climate change. These trees will help farmers protect their environment, reduce soil erosion, and increase their productivity. A win-win situation for us all!

With a donation of EUR 6 for a tree, you enable a farmer to plant a tree:

  • EUR 2 goes directly into the farmer’s pocket for their efforts in planting and managing the tree.
  • EUR 2 is used for training courses such as nursery management and pest control.
  • EUR 2 is used for monitoring and evaluation of the projects. We ensure that the trees are indeed planted and well managed.

Spread the Christmas spirit this holiday season by working together with us to enable our farmers further and combat climate change