Nanenane Exhibition 2018 – Expanding awareness of organic agriculture

Pius Paulini (a successful organic farmer) explains about poultry keeping to a visitor at the SAT stand in Morogoro

Nanenane is the largest agricultural exhibition in Tanzania taking place in seven zones. From 1st of August onward, events are organized throughout the country, culminating in the National Farmers Day on the 8th of August. Agriculture accounts for 30% of the country’s gross domestic product and employs over 70% of the nation’s population, which gives reason to celebrate this day accordingly.

In these fairs, farmers and other agricultural stakeholders showcase new technologies and products. Again, this year SAT was present in five of the seven Nanenane zones (Morogoro, Mbeya, Simiyu, Arusha and Lindi Regions) with demonstrating organic agriculture, through showing different SAT services and SAT Organic Shop products. A highlight was the SAT organic demonstration garden which included different technologies including kitchen gardens, organic pest control methods, rabbits and chickens. In Morogoro region, 2824 registered people visited the stand during the exhibition to get information about organic agriculture. The competent and motivated facilitators together with SAT organic farmers guided the visitors around the demonstration garden, explaining the functionality of different types of techniques, like sack gardens, ground cover plants and double dug beds. In Arusha about 500 registered people visited the stand and got information about the Mkulima Mbunifu magazine and SAT training offers, in Lindi 900, Mbeya 672 and Simiyu 557 registered people received general information about organic agriculture and registered to receive updates on a regular basis. In total from all zones, we registered 5453 people and two trophies.

After an informative tour through the demonstration garden, the visitors finished off with testing and purchasing some of the products exhibited by SAT Organic Shop. The carrots, tomatoes, leafy vegetables and other value added products, directly coming from certified organic farmers’ fields, were a highlight to the visitors with their freshness, good taste and lack of agro-toxins.

One other great visit of during the Nanenane week was Tanzania’s Minister of Industry and Trade Hon. Charles Mwijage who passed by on Thursday, 3rd of August and let himself be introduced to the world of organic agriculture.

Hon. Stephen Mashishanga (retired regional commissioner of Morogoro) listens to Akley Mbaye who explains ingredients of the SAT Tea Masala.

SAT enabled 593 farmers from 32 different villages in Morogoro to visit the agricultural exhibition where they received a guided tour. Next to visiting interesting exhibitors who demonstrated progressive farming methods, the farmers stopped as well at SAT’s organic demonstration garden. After the tour, during the afternoons, farmers started conducting participatory market research, visiting small scale producers who were showcasing their agriculture products. Farmers were selecting interesting products and were interviewing the producers about how they were able and what was needed to build up their business. Through this approach farmers get inquisitive to test new technologies and approaches.

Daudi Gwabara demonstrates energy saving stoves to visitors of at the SAT stand in Morogoro

Furthermore the gain insights on how to plan and build up successful enterprises. The educative Nanenane tour is one of the highlights which SAT farmers benefit from every year.

Visitors listening attentively to Daudi Gwabara explain intercropping of vegetables

After eight eventful and intensive days, the Nanenane 2018 exhibition came to an end. It culminated in the award ceremony where SAT together with SUA won the trophy as the best overall winner. SAT is proud to be part of this recurring exhibition with presenting organic agriculture to a broad and mixed public.

Thanks to those who visited us for a great Nanenane week and see you next year!