Stories from the Field- Hadija Kibwana trains  500 farmers

Hadija Kibwana from Towelo Village, Morogoro.

She joined SAT in 2010 and is currently chairperson of Maendeleo Farmer Group. Since joining SAT she was able to regenerate her land using terraces, compost and green manure/cover crops. She also improved diversity of her farm and has more than 15 different plants growing on it. In the past she only relied on Maize and when the soil was depleted, productivity reduced.

Since practicing agroecology, she was able to improve the general situation of her farm and family, he daughter is the first child in the village to graduate from the university and she is now a good ambassador for agroecology, she has trained more than 500 farmers in Morogoro and Tanga regions as a model farmer. Due to her leadership skills in the group, fellow farmers appointed her as a village leader too.