FTC agroecology courses in high demand internationally

As the first and only center offering agroecology training in Tanzania, the Farmer Training Center (FTC) has proven that it is not only attracting Tanzanians, but also people from foreign countries. The number of new trainees has been increasing. Last year it managed to train over 776 farmers and extension workers for 37 courses, which is higher compared to 610 participants for 26 courses in 2016.

FTC, which is the project of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), has been receiving participants from around the country including Morogoro, Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Mbeya, Iringa, Kilimanjaro, Dodoma, Zanzibar, Shinyanga, Lindi and Arusha. Farmers and field officers from major organizations and organic companies such as BioRe, SNV were among the guests. Extension workers use the knowledge they gain from SAT to train other extension officers and farmers on agroecological practices.

The courses made the FTC a highly demanded knowledge hub for several organisations in and outside the country. SAT consults them, having the mission to spread agroecology all over the continent.

From 12th to 15th March 2018 it hosted a group of pre-service trainees from USA at SAT Framers Training Centre for the training on Sustainable Water Management and Sustainable Chicken Management. This group consisted of 31 pre-service trainees, 1 volunteer, a language tutor and 2 Peace Corps staff.

The training ended with members having vast knowledge and skills on Sustainable Water Management, stressing on land and water management through appropriate land husbandry practices, as well as rainwater harvesting techniques). After the training they will disseminate knowledge to smallholder farmers around Tanzania. One of the trainees said they chose FTC because it is a great way to learn about sustainability in agriculture in Tanzania. The center, which is located at Vianzi area in Morogoro, is well equipped with accommodation, food and experienced trainers who provide mostly practical training. Click here to watch

Last year, the centre hosted trainees who came from Germany, USA, Switzerland and Austria who came for training on how to practice agroecology.