Agroecology – the way to food

A system of sound and sustainable agriculture, healthy and safe for humans and the environment which lies in the hands of local control allowing communities to decide about IMG_1523the way food is produced, traded and consumed. Merely a dream? Or a tangible option for a farming future? Yes and more than that: it is an approach applied all around the world, which has formed into a movement including farmers, civil society organisations, indigenous peoples and women, who have taken hold of their food sovereignty defying agro industrialization.

Focusing on Africa, Global Justice Now provides with the report “From the Roots Up” examples of Agroecology application – a term which refers to the application of ecological principles on food systems and also includes aspects of social and economic justice. We are delighted to be among these examples with our Project “Bustani ya Tushikamane” as we are strong promoters of Agroecology demonstrated by our trainings and gardens. Other projects include urban gardens in Senegal, sustainable banana production in Uganda and “eco-cultural calenders” for the promotion of diversity and knowledge in South Africa.

With the benefits of Agroecology clearly visible and the feasibility of small-scale sustainable agriculture as an adequate source of food proven, it only remains to ask why policy-makers are not yet acting upon such facts rather than promoting the industrialization of agriculture. To address this issue the report of Global Justice Now provides policy recommendations, changes and steps to be taken by governments to nourish the development of Agroecology into becoming our main food system.

Download the report here:

Global Justice Now Report From-the-roots