“We Eat The World” SAT presents in Liechtenstein

Helveta's exhibition "We Eat the World"To live you need to eat. Where does the food come from that daily finds its way on your plate? How is it produced? Each day we not only decide about our food preferences, we also affect our health, the environment and other people’s livelihoods in various parts of the world with our choice.

Helvetas, one of the biggest Swiss development organisations, has invited SAT to present their project during their exhibition “Wir essen die Welt(=we eat the world), which aims to illuminate the many different facets there are to food production and trade, taste and business, hunger and abundance. The presentation will take place on the 10th of December 2014 in the Liechtensteiner Landesmuseum, Liechtenstein. SAT will recount their experience on organic farming in East Africa and talk about success and challenges of small-scale farmers in converting into organic agriculture.