Natural Medicine 2014

Do you know the power of herbs? Do you know that plants are not only for food but also for medicine? Tanzania is rich in plants that can be used as natural medicine and Dr. Feleshi from ANAMED Tanzania will show you how to use them. The course gives you a basic introduction of cultivation, and preparation and usage of medicinal plants. Moreover you will afterwards know how to extract natural oils and to prepare high quality soap. So let’s stay healthy and be prepared to start your cosmetic business.

The aims of this training seminar are to train 25 people (nutritionists, missionaries, health workers, teachers, individuals and others active in the community) in:
a) the recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several medicinal plants in a medicinal garden
b) the hygienic production of effective Natural Medicines from these
plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils and ointments and tinctures. We will also produce different soaps, medicinal charcoal, black stones for snake-bites and learn how to use several simple technologies.
c) the treatments of many medical complaints and diseases, including malaria, skin problems, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS and wounds.

d) the influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health.

Following the seminar, we expect the participants to:

e) create their own garden of medicinal plants,
f) prepare their own natural medicines,
g) treat themselves, their families and others within their area of competence, and
h) teach their families, colleagues and others in their communities.


24th Nov. – 28th Nov. 2014               Course ID: SAT NM 002

Training Fee: TZS 300,000/= This is an all inclusive price, and includes food, accommodation, books, some seeds, a poster and all training materials. Transport costs and any insurance required remains the responsibility of the participant. If participants require more books and posters for their project, they will be available for sale at a reduced price during the seminar.

Facilitators: Dr. Feleshi and Janet Maro

Venue: SAT Training Centre in Vianzi (approx. 20km from Morogoro city)

Apply to: Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), P.O.Box 6369, Morogoro, +255 (0) 754 925560, +255 (0) 655 925560

Application Form: Use this link to download the application form

The following are important aspects of our seminars:

1. Our emphasis on working at the grass-roots, encouraging and supporting local people in developing and extending the skills they already have.
2. We encourage traditional healers and formal health workers such as doctors and nurses to work together. We help them to recognise the positive contribution that each makes, and encourage them to work out practical ways in which they can cooperate.
3. By introducing Artemisia annua, we enable participants to become much more independent and successful in their treatment of malaria, in their families, communities and health centres. Each participant will be given rooted cuttings and be taught how to grow this delicate but extremely valuable plant.
4. It is important that all participants have a commitment both to practising what they learn and to teaching others, for example by conducting a similar seminar in Natural Medicine themselves, at least for a weekend.
5. All participants will work together in practical work and possibly in establishing a garden. They must bring suitable clothes with them for such activities.
6. Participants must attend for the entire programme to qualify for a certificate; to come only on some days is not acceptable.
7. All participants should try to bring a sample of at least one medicinal plant from their region for sharing with others.


If you interested in the schedule for the whole year 2014 use this link: Download SAT trainings 2014