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Success-Story IV
Real stories about real success!
This system gives farmers independency and improves their livelyhood.
To the story

wrpd_83rd Workshop for Participatory Research Design (WPRD) – SAT has been in collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in the development of a platform which provides young researchers from SUA, research supervisors and organic farmers from Morogoro Region to discuss research needs. To the summary



SAT in The CITIZEN – The Cover Story about SAT and its Director Janet Maro. On Saturday, the 12 November 2016 a two-page story about the SAT Director Janet Maro was published in The Citizen. To the article


Stories from the field: Tree Heroes and Rats? – 18.000 seedlings are prepared and ready for planting. Apopo is partnering with SAT for their Carbon Offset project through Tree Planting Heroes. To the opening-report


SAT hosts visitors from Switzerland
Mr. Martin Graf, a former Minister of Justice for the Canton of Zurich, and Ms. Esther Hildebrand of Effretikon, Switzerland recently visited SAT in Morogoro. To the article


Series on nutrition and sustainability #4 –
Have you ever heard about a plant which can help you by more than 40 disease and that many enterprises would like to know as their sole property? No, than follow the link to find out more



Get an insight from the Natural Medicine Course held 2015 –
Potent Remedies within Everyone’s Reach. To the recap


Series on SAT-Research #4

Did you know that many small scale farmers in Tanzania face with the problem of a decline in soil fertility resulting in reduced field productivity? Could Biological Nitrogen Fixation (nodulation) be the solution?
Read about the research activity



Success-Story III
Real stories about real success!
All began in the demonstration garden of SAT and ended in an international scouts cooperation. To the story


An international team consisting of professionals from different continents came to Tanzania for a special visit at SAT office and FTC for experiencing agroecology. A great chance to exchange about organic & sustainable cultivation methods. To the article

We have summarized for you some impressions of the NaneNane – Agriculture Exhibition during the first week in August. SAT had the honor of welcoming a special guest.
To the recap




Series on SAT Research#3 –
The “Field Work Report” is out
SAT and its partners took initiative to evaluate the important question of seed suitability of farmers in Tanzania. To the article


Annual Report 2015 - Cover



The harvest is brought in:
Last year again, we gained a lot of experience in the field of sustainable agriculture. This year of growth is finally summarized in our Annual Report 2015.



Series on nutrition and sustainability #3 – Have you ever experienced fatigue, hair loss, brittle fingernails and loss of appetite? Maybe it`s an iron deficiency as Iron plays a major role in the energy production for the body. To the article



Series on SAT Research #2 – Different mulch, different moisture content ? To know which is the best material for mulching your garden,     read about the research activity

Farmer Training Centre starts its season –
We start our year with courses which really bring you forward. Organic Agriculture Basic – Animal Production – Training of Trainers. Become an expert in the area of sustainable and organic agriculture.       To the Training Courses

Series on SAT Research
– One of SAT`s main pillars is research. Therefore SAT puts effort in conducting experiments based on farmers` needs under student partnership. The first paper examines the effectiveness of mulch in conserving soil moisture.
Read about the research activity

Series on nutrition and sustainability #2 –
We continue our new series about healthy diet and different potent plants with the article “Tackling Vitamin A Deficiency at its roots?”. Find out how the problem could be solved. To the article

Ruvuma 6
Success-story II

Real stories about real success!
You definitely need confidence in what a human being can achieve in circumstances as found in Towelo.
But the farmers up there-
they definitely have it!

FTC Schedule 2016
Farmer Training Centre Schedule 2016 –
New year – new courses! Again this year, we provide different trainings at our Farmer Training Centre in Morogoro. Learn how to make medicinal soap or to improve soil fertility. Please, check our program in the area of sustainable and organic agriculture. Farmer Training Centre Schedule 2016

Recap 2
Second full year of Farmer Training Centre in Vianzi
New courses, new participants, but the same high quality as usual! SAT trained small scale farmers, field & extension officers as well as NGOs and professionals.
A recap of 2015

Moringa leaves I
Series on nutrition and sustainability –
We start our new series about a healthy diet and explore different plants and their potential! The first article deals with a very old plant which has already been used for over 2000 years as the most nutritive food on this planet. Curious? Find out more

Tulo 1Success-story I
We are proud to present real stories about real success.
Steep, steeper, Tulo. A small village in the Uluguru-Mountains that removes this barrier by applying organic agriculture methods. Read the story

TAMEJ 2Stakeholders Meeting aboutAgribusiness Market Opportunities for Youth Employment
How to enable Tanzanian Youth a better opportunity on the labour market ?
Of course, with combined training !

Kompost-Doku 1

How can we preserve soil fertility? If you want to know the answer, please follow the link to get connected to the solution. Save the environment

WPRD 32nd Workshop for Participatory Research Design was again a fruitful event. We brought together small scale farmers and students to develop research questions based on farmers’ needs.

SAT ANNUAL REPOFTC SAT with Logo smallRT 2014 is ready for download. We summarized for you our achievements in the field of agroecology.

TANZANIA ALLIANCE FOR BIODIVERSITY (TABIO) homepage online!!! TABIO is an alliance of civil society and private sector organizations concerned with biodiversity conservation, with atabio-newlogon emphasis on agricultural biodiversity for livelihood security and food sovereignty.

AGROECOLOGY -THE WAY TO FOOD Global Justice Now publishes report on How Agroecology Can Feed Africa SAT is delighted to be one of the brightest examples of Agroecology mentioned in this report

REPORT ON IMPACTS OF GREEN REVOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES ON SMALL-SCALE FARMERS IN TANZANIA The ACB together with SAT conducted a research to provide a report on the current situation of important regions in Tanzania concerning the impact of Green Revolution technologies on small-scale farmers.

INSIGHTS – FARMER TRAINING CENTRE summarizes the concept & idea of our farm. Thanks to Steve Bosserman who made this presentation!

SAT FARMER TRAINING CENTRE SCHEDULE 2015 download our new programme for the upcoming courses this year! For 2015 we have interesting courses which range from organic agriculture basic, intermediate and animal production to food processing and waste management.

FARMER TRAINING CENTRE – RECAP 2014, our first full year of operating the SAT Farmer Training Centre, has afforded us many a wonderful experience! Since our opening last May we have conducted 20 courses attended by 424 participants.

AT A FARM IN TANZANIA – OUR STAY WITH SAT the report of two volunteers from Europe who came to SAT the past 5 months to contribute to our project Bustani ya Tushikamane

FIRST WORKSHOP ON PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH DESIGN SAT successfully contributed to a new way of designing research in Tanzania bringing together farmers, students and lecturers with the aim to create a space where academic researchers can exchange views with future appliers…

SAT ATTENDS EAST AFRICA HIGHLANDS SYMPOSIUM A long trip across the country brought two of SAT’s facilitators Hugo Kunguru and Justine Lyasato to Bujumbura, Burundi to participate in the ECHO East Africa Highlands Symposium organized by ECHO…

WE EAT THE WORLD – SAT PRESENTS IN LIECHTENSTEIN Helvetas, one of the biggest Swiss development organisations, has invited SAT to present their project during their exhibition “Wir essen die Welt”, which aims to illuminate the many different facets there are to food production…

SAT AT INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS TERRA MADRE Terra Madre, created by Slow Food, gathers every two years in Italy bringing together food producers, fishers, breeders, chefs, academics, young people, NGOs and representatives of local communities who are working to establish a system of good, clean and fair food production. This year SAT had the opportunity to attend this event…

THE NEXT GREEN REVOLUTION – SAT CONTRIBUTES TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ARTICLE! Read our point of view regarding the published article talking about world food supply and solutions to improve agriculture…


SAT FARMER TRAINING CENTRE SCHEDULE 2014 out now! We are glad to introduce you to our new courses at the Farmer Training Centre (FTC) in Vianzi,Morogoro…

SAT JOINS THE HIGH LEVEL ROUNDTABLE TALK IN NEW YORK Our Director Janet Maro on 27 – 28 March 2014 joined high-level representatives from governments, the UN System, research, civil society, farmers, and the private sector…

ORGANIC AGRICULTURE & PARTICIPATORY GUARANTEE SYSTEM The second and more elaborative IFOAM documentary on PGS practiced by farmers in the Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro who collaborate with SAT…

THE IFOAM DOCUMENTARY ON ORGANIC AGRICULTURE in East Africa is out now! The first case study is actually about a farmer group who is facilitated by SAT…

THE GUARDIAN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD -> we are delighted to receive this acknowledgement and highly support our Director Janet Maro…

KILIMO HAI IN THE NEWS -> check out the potential of organic agriculture (article is written in Swahili)…

FARMER TRAINING CENTRE UNDER CONSTRUCTION we are already very close to open our Centre to offer high quality facilitation on sustainable and organic agriculture. Karibu Sana (you are warmly welcome)…

TANZANIA WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT AWARD check out the news about our director Janet Maro…



WHAT’S GREEN, LEAN AND LOVES THE ENVIRONMENT Story about organic agriculture and SAT in The Citizen…

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